Everyone knows owner driver jobs

For the typical owner driver, jobs requiring long journeys often involve watching out for animals on the road. For some, however, this caution takes a creepy turn on either High Street or Suffield Road in Great Yarmouth, where a ghostly, dog-like creature with long legs has been seen running along at great speed before disappearing into thin air.The Phantom LorryImagine yourself driving down the M6 (yet again!) on one of those overnight owner driver jobs, singing along at the wheel to your favourite song and you spy, at a distance, a lorry speeding down the wrong side of the road. As you prepare to avoid it, it suddenly disappears into thin air. It hasn’t happened to you yet? Count yourself lucky – it has allegedly happened to many before you!Norman Dulwich is a correspondent for Courier Exchange, the world’s largest neutral trading hub for same day owner driver jobs courier services and the express freight exchange industry. Over 2,500 transport exchange businesses are networked together through their website, trading jobs and capacity in a safe ‘wholesale’ environment. 京時豪華汽車


Everyone knows owner driver jobs are not for the faint of heart. The long hours, the strenuous drives and multi-tasking involved in carrying out the work – often on your own – that are involved in owning your own business definitely requires inner strength, fortitude and a whole lot of courage.From another point of view, it also takes a different kind of bravery to be taking on owner driver jobs that require driving on UK roads late at night through to the wee hours of the morning. Especially after having heard the stories of spooky goings-on occurring on the highways. What spooky goings-on, you may ask? Here are just a few…The Ghostly Hitch-hikerDrivers along the M6, said to be the road with the most number of ghostly sightings, have reported seeing a ghostly looking woman in white attempting to hitch hike. While some have laughed this off as tales told by sleepy, or perhaps even tipsy, drivers coming home from a night out, it takes credence when coming from people who are alert and fully awake working on owner driver jobs. While presumably no one has yet stopped to give the honourable lady a ride, we do not recommend you be the first to do so.The Roman TroopsOn the same road, drivers have reported seeing ghostly Roman troops on the carriageway near the M6 toll section, making their bold way through the tarmac as if it were water.The Glittering Victorian CoachUp in the Highlands on the A9, near Loch Bhuie, a glittering Victorian coach drawn by six white horses is said to appear, complete with bewigged footmen in period costume. Since it often appears past midnight, it could hardly be Cinderella rushing off from the ball – it would have turned into a pumpkin by then! Still, it is good to be careful, so if delivering pumpkins is a regular part of your owner driver jobs, you may want to check your load to see if one is missing – but only when you are well away from the area.The Phantom Dog Of Great Yarmouth