Federal lemon law, on the other hand

In most states, consumers are entitled to a replacement vehicle if a lemon vehicle achieves lemon status within a certain number of miles. Federal lemon law, on the other hand, entitles consumers to a cash payout and lets them keep the vehicle. If you aren’t entitled to a replacement for a lemon vehicle, and the vehicle continues to be inoperable or unsafe despite continued repairs, you should consider selling the car to a junkyard that pays cash for junk cars. Cash For Cars Sydney

Worth More as Scrap Than as an Automobile

After a certain number of miles, some vehicles are worth more as scrap metal than they are as automobiles. If you have an old car that would sell for a pittance, you should see how much a salvage yard that has a cash for cars program would pay for the vehicle. You may discover that the value of the metals in the vehicle exceed its sale price.

Still Runs But Needs Frequent Repairs

Frugal people often drive an automobile for a decade or longer, but there comes a time when an old car becomes more of a money pit than a money saver. A few $150 repairs aren’t so bad, but when face paying thousands of dollars to replace an alternator or a drivetrain, selling the vehicle to a salvage yard that pays cash for junk cars, and putting the money toward a new vehicle is a smart idea.